Importing & Shipping - Who Delivers The Shipment To Amazon? Freight Forwarder VS Amazon Shipping
Posted by Live Now Education G Support Team on 09 May 2019 09:46 AM
This is a great question and when using a freight forwarder such as Lucky Lucky, they take possession of the shipment from the suppliers warehouse (if using Exworks) or at the port in China (if using FOB) 
Then they arrange the shipping on a boat or plane depending on the size of your order, clear it through customs in the destination country and deliver it to Amazons warehouse/s.
When asking for Lucky Lucky for a quote, be sure to tell them the size / weight of your order, the suppliers address (Exworks) or port it will be going to (FOB) and the FBA warehouse/s Amazon have nominated your shipment be sent to.
You may find the local delivery (from the US port for example to FBA warehouse/s) may be costly if Amazon have spread your shipment across multiple states on opposite sides of America, so it may work out more cost effective to pay Amazon to use their 'Inventory Placement Service' so your shipment is sent to one fulfilment centre only for a small cost per product and you can find out more about this at the below link:
Either way be sure to use the 'Landed Costs Report' we have supplied in Stage 2 of the Importing Mastery Program before you place an order, so you can work out what your true landed costs and estimated profits will be to ensure the products will be viable.
Ask Lucky Lucky for a quote including all shipping and importing fees so you can fill in the Landed Costs Report. The only charge they may not know upfront is what the payable duty will be which is billed separately after the shipment is delivered, however they should be able to give you a rough idea of the tariff number and percentage of duty that will be charged (based on the commodity you're importing) upon request.
Lastly Amazon do offer discounted shipping, however this is for domestic shipping only within America which means you would have to arrange your own shipping from the supplier to an American warehouse where the shipment would be re-labelled to show an American sender address with the FBA destination warehouse and from our experience this isn't as easy or necessarily cheaper than using a freight forwarder to take care of it all for you.

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