How To Negotiate Warranty Terms With Your Supplier When Amazon Dispose Of Faulty Products
Posted by Live Now Education G Support Team on 26 July 2018 11:02 AM
If a product you're selling has been returned to Amazon and disposed of due to it being faulty, there's no way you could return it to the supplier under warranty. However from our experience sending larger products back to the supplier under warranty isn't a cost effective process anyway, so you're best of negotiating different terms with your supplier.
For example, explain to your supplier the faulty products are disposed of by Amazon, so returning them for repair / replacement isn't an option and instead see if they're willing to reimburse the cost of the goods off your next order.
We have personally done this with a supplier, by sending them proof of the returns every few months in a batch lot and keeping a tally of the amounts to deduct off the next order. You could send them proof in the way of a screenshot of the disposal email / reason or Amazon report etc depending on what the supplier will accept, what's easy to systemise and keep track of.
Ideally you want to thoroughly test your product during the sampling stage to try and avoid returns at all costs, however another option could be adding spare parts to your order depending on what the product is. For example if there's a common part that breaks and is easy for the buyer to replace themselves, you could get the supplier to add this part to every product for a small additional cost and include it as a complimentary bonus for the buyer.

Either way, think of the entire process through and be sure to add clear warranty terms to your 'Purchase Order Agreement' document once your supplier has agreed to it.

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