Drop Shipping - How Do I Drop Ship Step By Step Overview To Dropshipping
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Drop shipping is a great way to start selling items with no outlay to purchase stock and we have many successful students drop shipping short term whilst they find ongoing products to sell, or long term as their main niche products.

With Drop Shipping keep in mind that the same steps in the ebay program apply, where you need to see demand for that product selling in Terapeak or Completed Listings, or there's no guarantees it will sell.

Also there will probably be a lot of competition trying to sell the same products so your listing need to stand out and be more professional than everyone else, which means you’ll need to get samples sent to you to take your own photos and videos, write up descriptions full of benefits and emotions to owning the product and follow all the steps in the ebay program to give you the best possible chance of success.

Creating a very professional listing and having so much competition can be very time consuming, often for small profit margins and for most sellers it's not the best way to quickly get started. Having said that, if you are quite good with computers and feel confident going up against these sellers, drop shipping could be the right selling method for you and you need to test and measure the different selling methods to decide what’s right for you. 

Lastly, ebay are quite strict with sellers who sell products they cannot fulfill to the buyer so it's vital that your Drop Shipper does not run out of stock and you need to keep a close eye on their stock levels regularly to avoid cancelling transactions or refunding buyers at all costs. Another reason why it's a great idea to have samples sent to you as backups.

Below are the steps we follow in order which will help you get started with Drop Shipping:

1) Search for Australian Drop Shipping companies on Google or check out these Australian Drop Ship websites: 

2) Go through each product available on the Drop Shipping websites you find and research them in Terapeak to see which items are selling the best.

3) Once you find a few products that are selling well from a Drop Shipping website, create an account or contact them via email/phone depending on what options they have available online.

4) Go back to the Drop Shipping website you have researched products from and purchase an item as a customer so that when it arrives you can take your own unique photos of the product.

5) Create a new listing on ebay and upload your unique photos of the item you ordered to start selling it on going. Remember to also add the postage price into your listing and make the listings as appealing as possible!

6) If the listing is successful your next task is to send the goods to your customer by logging back into your Drop Shippers website and enter your customer's full name, email address, phone number and postal address.

7) Once you've sent the goods, go back to ebay and record the sale as 'Posted' so your buyer knows the goods have been sent and send them a message thanking them for their purchase.

With a bit of practice following these steps you can repeat this process over and over again until you sell enough products to raise your positive feedback on ebay and expand your product range.


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